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Why Purple?

Updated: May 13, 2020

I know the title is “Why Purple?” So if you're reading this you want to know why I’m always in purple. Let me start with a lil’ disclaimer as to why I'm blogging in the first place. I’ve found myself and my loved ones projecting a less-than-authentic self on social media. I want to stop that. I feel blogging will allow me the time and energy to be concise and honest about what I'm saying and putting out into the world. I want you to get to know me. The REAL me.

Now let's get into it. Purple is my favorite color, it's the color of my birthstone, and it represents royalty, spiritualism, creativity, mystery, and magic.

My Favorite Color & Creativity

When I was younger I didn't have a favorite color. I would always just say blue. That's what all the boys my age said. Honestly, I've spent a fair amount of my life afraid of color because of my complexion. When I first started picking my own clothes, everything was white or a lighter earth tone, because I believed it brightened my complexion. Special thanks to whatever bullshit magazine I got that from.

It's a sensitive topic, but, alas, here we go. I grew up “dark skinned” in the south, and unable to hide my feminine mannerisms. Yeah, we're going there right off the bat. This made me shrink myself and even though I had a love for music and performing, I’ve always come off shy or cold in some situations. Truth is I'm just cautious. I'm cautious with my friends, lovers, loved ones, and business associates. Enough of the sob story and on with the main topic. I found purple to really work for me in the years I spent with my band-mates of Echo V. Being America’s first openly gay boyband, we decided as part of our branding we would each wear colors of the rainbow. As I was deciding which color I wanted to represent, I found it hard to pick one that I truly identified with. I landed on purple because of the psychological profile. According to verywellmind.com purple can have calming effects over the mind, and that it can be uplifting and can trigger creativity. It was a no-brainer being that music is what makes me happy, drives me, and shifts my mood. I also felt that it was the perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy which just felt right for me. Also, let's be real: I look good in it.

Royalty & Mystery

I think we all have those days when we look in the mirror and think, "YAS KING/QUEEN" and aside from purple being a color synonymous with royalty, it really just has its own vibe. I feel strong, noticed, and damn near fearless at times in my purple. You can call that a reach but as king and a unicorn, it helps me claim my power and uniqueness.

Warning: I’m about to hit you with some hippy dippy. This bossy and sensitive Aquarius is pretty on the beat. If you look into the traits I fit most to a capital T.

ASSERTIVE: If I really want it, I'll go get it and I’m typically not asking for permission. This totally gets me in trouble because at times I'll take on too much. So if you catch me slippin’ and askin’ for help, you are one of the trusted few.

ANALYTICAL: I do like to think things through and sometimes overthink it. This means that spontaneity and I are soooo not besties but I can go with the flow as long as you keep it simple.

ORIGINAL & CREATIVE: Have you heard my latest single? Go listen, there is a link below.

That's just to name a few but you get the point. Recently, someone called me aloof. Before I continue, let me define. Aloof, as defined by the dictionary, means to be not friendly or forthcoming; cool and distant. That is totally true. I keep my circle small and don't see the point in letting your business be all out in the streets. It's just how I was raised. It's complicated wanting to be an international recording artist loved by billions when you are a bit standoffish. So yeah, I'm the man of mystery lol. That's kinda the point of the blog, too. It will help the “aloof”assertive control freak in me break down my own walls and share what's on my mind.

Just to touch on the magic and leave you on a high note. Feel free to laugh about that later. I want you all to know that anything and everything you want is already yours. Manifestation is real, but at times it takes work and even courage to ask for, write down, or even believe in the things that you want. Nevertheless, they are already yours. So say what you want, we are made of star stuff. So tap into that cosmic flow.

So there it is. A few reasons for why I vibe with purple. Totally leave questions and comments below.

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