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The Story Behind No Love

When you listen to “No Love” it may seem like a song that glorifies the life of a fuckboy so, let us dive into what it's talking about, shall we? We can examine the chorus and then talk about what inspired me to write the song.

The Chorus:

I don’t think I love you

The way you love me

Why do you give your heart so easily?

Don't say that you love me if you

Don’t know what it means

The love you want you

Can't get from me

So what is being said here? Don't be fallin’ in love with me if we just met, if you don't even know my favorite color, if you don't know my dreams, if you can't hold a conversation, or just because the sex is good. On the real though, people be fallin’ in love just because they are bored. Mainly bored with themselves. It's not shade. I’ve run into this with friends and done this to myself time and time again. So I'm speaking from experience. On a more serious note I’m just wanting to drive home the point people should be more direct and honest about their feelings and not make decisions on a whim. It's okay to just date and be open without having to lock someone down out of the fear of being alone. Relationships should be built on mutual respect and the ability to lift each other up and move towards your goals.


No Love was inspired by a conversation with a few friends in which we debated if breaking someones heart was a crime and if so what should happen to them. One friend jokingly called for the death penalty and others agreed that you should have a data base for each person and reviews from ex’s and dating history. This would be similar to yelp for dating. I personally found one commonality in the group. All of the negative situations we experienced could have been solved with open communication and self reflection on the parts of ourselves and past partners. With that conversation in mind and thinking about what would happen in today's society if breaking someone's heart was a crime the video's concept was born. There were a few other ideas that I played around with but they all seemed to send the wrong message.

The Story

Once upon a time, long ago in a far off land, there was a young prince with a shining light. The young prince fell madly in love with a fuckboy from a ball his royal house attended. Their courtship was as normal as any other. They sexted, were never seen together, and never met each other's friends. The fuckboy would always be busy and rarely texted back. The young prince would drop anything to spend even a moment with the fuckboy but continued to receive very little attention from his beloved. The young prince felt abandoned and his light began to fade.

One day the young prince was sent on a quest by his mother in hopes he would regain his light. A nearby village was plagued with a dragon who had nested in a cave at the base of a mountain. When the young prince drew his mighty sword to slay the dragon he found his strength was gone. He found himself confiding in the dragon and told her all about the fuckboy. The dragon said, “Child, you need to snap out of it and work on yourself. You’ve let this boy fool you.” Hearing these words, the young prince deleted the fuckboys number. With a press of delete, his light was returned.


Long story short is that I blindly chased after someone who didn't really want me. With time and perspective I would not say I was led on but I will say it's my fault for not asking his intentions, setting my own boundaries, and upholding my own standards. Love is real, how I felt for him was real, and we both failed at communicating.

No Love is about unapologetically communicating what it is you want and demanding that people respect your boundaries. If they have done that your part is complete. Communication is key.

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